Liberty equality fraternity Afghanistan Organization “LEFAO”
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Child - Child Trafficking

Community Development

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Vocational Education

Youth Development


Liberty equality fraternity Afghanistan Organization “LEFAO”
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Afghanistan Organization is an independent, non-profitable, nonpartisan and non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Economy. LEFAO’s main goal is to assist and support Afghan IDPs and returnees to decrease their suffering in temporary camps in relatively peaceful areas where they are settled.
Afghanistan Afghanistan
We speak English, French, Persian, Urdu, Arabic - Sa'idi, Pashto
Vision: LEFAO is a humanitarian assistance organization who work to prevent illegal immigration and escape of power and mind form country. LEFAO also work with IDP’s and returnees in man-made and natural disasters to reduce their sufferings. Mission: LEFAO vision is to see a relatively strong Afghan society in the next fifteen years by prevention of human trafficking illegal immigration, assisting IDP’s and returnees by different humanitarian and awareness intervention techniques.
Our Program
Main Activities
1. Healthcare of IDPs and Returnees’ families 2. Education of IDPs and Returnees’ Children 3. Social reintegration of IDPs, returnees and deportees 4. Prevention of Illegal immigration and escape of youth 5. Advocacy and welfare for victims of human trafficking. 6. provision of health to IDP's and Host communities
Target population
How we select our target group

1. Through proper need assessments 2. Understanding the vulnerability of the people 3.Follow our org selection criteria 4. Communities involvement 5. Registration of beneficiaries

Programme Location

province, Kabul Districts:10th,19th,21th,5th, Mazzar province District 4th

Number people served

300 every year